Daily Guide in Vlora, a Trip To Paradise

Vlora is one of the cities with the most favorable geographical terrain in terms of tourism development. It has long been an elite destination for foreign tourists. Every year, thousands of tourists sail to the port of Vlora, the most important port in southern Albania. This city offers a diverse range of tourist destinations, and can fearlessly be considered the key point of all Albanian tourism.

The peculiarity of this town is that it is wet by two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic. Especially in recent years, Vlora has received increasing attention in terms of infrastructure developments, which have driven the increasing influx of tourists in the country. There are many places to visit, where we can mention the Karaburun Peninsula, the island of Sazan, Zvërnec and the wonderful beaches on the Ionian Sea. We start with a coffee in one of the many bars in the Lungomara area. The view is fantastic, from where you can see Karaburun and Sazan under the calm and cool of the seashore.

With this professional Vlora Daily Guide, you will most certainly have plenty to see and enjoy!

Vlora carries within it a history of impressive culture.

We start our visit with the Pavasia monument, located in the area of Skela, only 3 min away from Vlora Port.Then we walk to the recently rebuilt boulevard, in the comfort of wide, wide sidewalks. The road leads to the Lead Mosque, which was built during the Ottoman occupation. Then we climb the stairs to Kuzum Baba, otherwise known as the balcony of the city of Vlora. The view booked from here is impressive, unforgettable.

Lunch time has come. We must not forget that we are in a seaside town and fish is the first specialty of cuisine. The restaurants are many, the guide knows them best and will definitely give you a reference for the best possible.

After a nice lunch awaits us and another place we could not leave without visiting, Zvërnec Monastery. Distinguished Austrian scholars Helmut and HertaBushhausenthink that the time of construction belongs to the century X. The guide will tell you more about the interesting details that this Monastery carries.

Returning from this special place, we organize a walk in Lungomare, where the evenings give charm to a city that has taken on an extraordinary development in recent years. The good music, the homely cuisine and the soft breeze of summer evenings will keep you in mind while visiting this city. If this is what you are looking for, then Vlora Daily Guide is perfect for you!

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Vlora Daily Guide
Vlora Daily Guide