Summer Beach Package

Still not planning where to take your vacation? Looking for suggestions on finding the right place to spend unforgettable holidays? We are here to give you the best suggestions and offer on the market.
Primary for us is to be as close to you as possible, to entertain you in order to spend amazing time during your vacations.
This summer Albreeze Travel & Tours suggests the city of Vlora. We suggest this town because it contains all the resources to make a wonderful holiday. Vlora is characterized by extraordinary natural wonders where we can mention the island of Sazan, the peninsula of Karaburun, the mountain of Llogara and many other places that will impress you. There are various social activities such as square and Lungomare concerts, parachute jumping, cruise trips and more. We also have nightlife, where summer discos make our evenings even more beautiful.

We cannot forget to mention the traditional and bio cuisine of the area. The prices are cheap and competitive. This package will be only 385 euros per person for 6 nights and 7 days.

Summer Beach Package Includes:

Hotel (minimum 2 people in per room) Meals(Breakfast, Dinner)
WiFi Parking
Airport-hotel-airport escort (this means the first day and the last day) Assistance from Albreeze staff at all times.

The hotel is 4 stars. It has a wonderful staff and is available at any time. The cuisine will be alternate to traditional and Italian. Any request or complaint of yours will be resolved in a timely manner.

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Summer Beach Package
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