Shkodra Daily Guide

Shkodra, the cradle of culture and the capital of Northern Albania.

A city of historical-cultural values ​​and natural beauty. The day kicks off with a café in the Pedonale, the first floors of the office buildings over the years have served as city cultural and political work centers. At Pedonale is the Marubi National Museum of Photography. This is one of the most visited museums in the country, it holds in its archive about 400 years of negative glass plates. The museum displays some of the iconic photographs of the Albanian 19th and 20th century, something not to be missed.

After visiting the Museum we head to Rozafa Castle, which has a very interesting legendary story. The castle with its ancient and medieval ruins, as well as the magnificent views of Shkodra Lake and the three rivers that meet with each other, deserves your attention. When you are at the entrance to the Fortress, on the left, do not miss the view of the city’s rivers with the Lead Mosque (1773) and the beautiful domes.

Options for eating lunch are many. If you would like to enjoy traditional Albanian gastronomy we would suggest Restaurant ‘’Tradita’’ located in the city. At Pedonale we also have Elite restorers, good enough to assess the market in the area. After we have eaten lunch, visit other places that decorate this city, such as the Bridge called ‘’Ura e Mesit’’.

‘’Ura e Mesit’’ Bridge dates back to the 21st century.

We have interesting arches here and the crystalclear water of the Kir River, which should not be missed. Depending on the visit and the Lake of Shkodra, the largest lake in the Balkans. Along the Shiroka or Zogaj area, the scenery it offers is spectacular, thanks to the many birds that are increasingly popular in the lake, as well as the mountains that embrace the Landscape.
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Shkodra Daily Guide
Shkodra Daily Guide