Daily guide in Sarande.

Saranda is one of the cities with the largest tourist potential in the south of Albania.

Tourism in this city is almost 12 months of the year. This city has a variety of tourist destinations. It is also the start to go to some places that you can not leave without visiting Butrint, Blue Eye, Ksamil etc.

After a nice coffee on the seafront where not even the rich air of Iodine from the Sea is missing, we get ready to head to a super destination. We have to leave for Butrint National Park, which is only a few kilometers from the city of Saranda.

There we will see how much interest foreign and domestic tourists have from the influx of this ancient ancient city.

Butrint carries impressive traces of ancient civilizations up to the Byzantine period. The 4th century BC theater, its stage, statues and artifacts unearthed over the years will leave you speechless when you visit the beautiful hillside hiding under the water.

We will spend some time in this very attractive and history destination. But we should know that another not less important destination is the Blue Eye which we should definitely visit. From its oval shape of the eye and the color of the blue water takes the name Blue Eye.

The fatigue is not felt by the pleasure we get from places to carry on with the curiosities they carry in themselves, but the time has come to eat lunch. Since Saranda is a coastal place normally and the fish kitchens are more delicious. Our guide will suggest restaurants that truly give you culinary art pleasure.

After lunch we can visit the Monastery of 40 Saints which best illustrates the history of the city, Guida will talk more about this manor.

Sunset time can be best enjoyed from the Leather Castle located just above the city of Saranda. In the premises of this castle we can also consume supper why not. It is a relaxing setting and the cooking is really great where we recommend it.

After eating dinner for a lap in the town promenade that describes the coast of the city of Saranda, it would not be bad. During the promenade there are numerous stands selling various souvenirs where we can buy something to remember.


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daily guide in Sarande
daily guide in Sarande