Daily Guide in Korca is one of the most beautiful Albanian destinations.

This city is a destination that during the 12 months of the year there is no rest from domestic and foreign tourists. Otherwise it’s called as the small Albanian Paris.

We start with the morning coffee at the Old Bazaar. The vibrancy we see here makes you forget. We sip a coffee under the sounds of light urban music that gets you stuck in the cafes of this Bazaar. Almost all bars in this country differ in their style but the taste of each cafe has a typical Albanian origin. Among them we can mention ”Coffee Museum” which has a history within the design of this Bar as well as ” Committee ” which goes back to the history with serving traditional Albanian drink which is called raki. After coffee, you deserve a lap in this Bazaar to get even more acquainted and to buy some souvenirs to have a memory of this place.

Then we can head to the Great Cathedral, a magnificent church of this city. We cannot miss the first Albanian school, which opened on March 7, 1887. Since that year, this date has been celebrated all over the country, and perhaps this would be the right time to enter that small but important place in Albania’s history.

We can then pass by the Youth Park (Parku Rinia), the largest park in Korça, where the lung of this city is.

All of us, when in an unfamiliar place, want to try the cuisine of that place. In Korça this is very special because cooking for the people of the area is primary and this is probably one of the reasons why people come back to this place. In Korça, both traditional and foreign dishes are cooked with great love. One of the traditional dishes of the area is the curry which we should not leave without tasting. The guide will suggest some of the restaurants in the area where you will be served lunch.

After lunch we can take a walk through the alleys that this town overlooks and the many landmarks that can spot the focus of your camera.

The Museum of Medieval Art is also a destination within the city, which is really the most interesting of the Medieval Art museums in the Balkans.

Dinner time has come and the guide will suggest other restaurants to dine on.

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Daily Guide in Korca
Daily Guide in Korca