Daily guide in Berat.

Berat is one of the cities with the highest number of tourists in Albania, both domestic and foreign. It has an impressive developmental history, based on its ancient architecture and style. Berat is part of the list of cities protected by UNESCO, based on the wonderful heritage values ​​it proves. It is mainly divided into two old neighborhoods, Mangalem and Gorica.

We start the day with a coffee (though not Turkish coffee) in one of these two museum neighborhoods, from where you can admire the greatness of the other neighborhood, with one located opposite each other and separated by the Osumi River. After enjoying a stroll in the city, make a stop at the religious-social complex known as the Medieval Center, which includes the Helvetian Tekke, the King’s Mosque, and other important objects. The objects of worship are reconciled between religious beliefs in the 2500-year-old Berat.

After we finish our visit to the Medieval Center, we go to the Castle of the city.

The castle is one of the most visited places in Albania, with foundations dating back to the 4th century BC, so we plan to spend enough time there to touch on the historical and cultural greatness of a city like Berat.

Onufri is one of the most important museums in the country. There you will be introduced to the artworks of Onufri, the most famous medieval painter. You will also see other great icons of renowned painters such as Kostandin Shpataraku, David Selenica, Chetteri etc. After stopping there, be sure to visit the Church of the Spirag. While visiting the castle, you can contemplate the beauties of Tomorri Mountain. We can eat lunch in a restaurant located inside the Fortress, or opt for the downtown downtown, where restaurants with traditional dishes from the area are missing. After lunch we take a stroll along the Osumi River, where we can stop for a coffee at Berat Tourism.

Along this promenade you will find the Gorica Bridge, which is one of the most important monuments of the city.  Gorica Bridge belongs to the 18th century. The bridge has a length of 129 meters. Once you cross the bridge, you will find yourself in the Gorica neighborhood, which is also intimate enough to visit.

Dinner is optional, where the guide suggests a range of good restaurants in the area.

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Daily guide Berat