2 Day Tour in Tirana

How can you spend two days getting to know Tirana? This city has a great cultural diversity, with a considerable potential to attract tourists from all over the world.


Day 1

If you’re tired from the journey of the day before, enjoy a coffee at one of Tirana’s bars, under the city’s vibrancy.

Everywhere the Balkan spirit and their unique style is felt.
Destinations to enjoy the relaxation of the early morning hours are not missing. One of the places where you can make your first visit is the Gallery. Once you have finished your visit to the Gallery, take a right, continue the walk along Pedonalja. This is  a car-free area to quietly stroll in the green space opposite the Millennium Cinema.
As far as lunch is concerned, restaurants in Tirana are numerous and with a wide range of culinary.


Of course. We introduce you to Eden Breeze Restaurant, probably one of the best restaurants in the city, located in the ”Komuna e Parisit” area. What is striking is not only the quality of the food, but also the refined service of the restaurant’s staff. So our suggestion goes for Eden Breeze Restaurant.
Before returning to the hotel, take a stroll from ”Pazari i Ri”. A city within the city, newly reconstructed and full of visitors of all nationalities. A destination increasingly in the spotlight for anyone who needs a tour Tirana.

From the ”Pazari i Ri” You can go visit the Skanderbeg Square. There you will find yourself in front of a square surrounded by several buildings of Italian architectural style, which today serve as Institutions of the Albanian state. We also have the monument of Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, Mosque, Clock (Sahati) etc. Leaving the Square, we head to Sky Tower, whose top floor is 360 degrees, and overlooks almost the entire city of Tirana.
During evenings, we can choose among the city’s many bars, lounges and discotheques that have turned Tirana into an important Balkan destination for youngsters.
Quality restaurants, for anyone wanting to spend a quieter evening, are not missing anyway. Traditional and Italian gastronomy are the main culinary base in the capital.


Day 2

The last day of tour in Tirana.

After breakfast, you can take a stroll on Dajti Mountain, where the fun part is that we can use the cable car to reach the top. This gives a unique attraction in enjoying the fantastic panorama of the city. In addition to being a National Park, there are many recreational opportunities, such as horse riding, adventure parks etc. Lunch can be consumed in one of the area’s restaurants, whose cuisine has mostly traditional bases.
In the afternoon, as you return from the cable car, make a stop at BunkArt, one of the city’s newest and most interesting museums, designed as an anti-nuclear bunker. Today it is a museum visited by everyone, and it is the right place to get acquainted with the dictatorship established in Albania for half a century.

Take a stroll back to Skanderbeg Square to dedicate time to the National History Museum, the country’s most important museum, and some of the most impressive artifacts discovered in Albania. Notable are the ‘’Day of Butrint’’, the ‘’Epitaph of Glabenica’’, and the ‘’Beauty of Durrës’’.
In the evening, our suggestion goes back to Eden Breeze Restaurant, where you can have dinner under the sound of live music and a delicious meal.
After dinner you are free to enjoy the nightlife in one of the capital’s pubs.

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