Albania is a small place for both population and the surface. Is a rich place with regard to the beauty of nature, but on the other hand it is economically in transition. These two factors are important to attract the attention of tourists to spend their vacations in this place. Why? Because its attractions have a beautiful combination of the mountains and the seas.

The virgin bays of the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea are truly amazing. But the mountains with beautiful relaxing panorama, with the curative smell of flowers, clean air make you forget the time. Instead being a place with a not very good economy automatically makes you remember the low prices that are served to tourists.

Albania has too many places to visit so you don’t have to stop to think twice.

There are places that force you to return to these places. Among them, we lose two major tourism options: the mountain and the sea. However, we cannot go beyond the special tourism of adventure… Hiking, rafting, trekking, parachuting where are professional people and certified in Europe for these types of sport and their passion is close with the service.

Mountain tourism has a tide of options from the north to the south-east.

Thethi which is 70 km away from the city of Scutari in the heart of the Albanian Alps. It’s known for the contrasts of relief, waterfalls, dense vegetation, prairies etc… The characteristic houses, traditional and bio cuisine.

The valley of Valbona, which is in another northern city, Tropoja.

The ideal place to relax, where tourists love the beauty of nature, traditional and only bio cuisine. To get to this place we also enjoy the painted landscape, sailing with the ferry Fierz-Koman which is a real tourist attraction.

We continue to the south-east of Albania precisely with the town of Korça where is the tourist spot of Dardha and Voskopoja, which are also the capitals of Skiing.

Where traditions, culture, food, and beauty of nature combine perfectly with unforgettable vacationers. And to move from the other atmosphere and attraction to tourists, we go to Saranda. With rare natural beauty along the Jon Sea that reflects it to the best. The Jon Sea, the coasts of which we can safely compare it with the Caribbean. It characterizes the tranquility, the cleanliness, because not even the green of nature. After Saranda, we go to Borsh, Jalë, Himarë, Dhërmi, Palase, Valona etc… All these places are unimaginable giving you the desire of not returning home anymore. Another place that we should not forget mentioning is the island of Sazan. It was opened for tourists for the first time in 2015, and remains a virgin, to be explored and with a long and very curious history.

Then we have the Adriatic Sea where we mention Durazzo, Tale and Lezhë, Shëngjin, Velipojë which have an important tourist capacity. Durrës is a coastal city with the largest port in Albania. Except for the sea, which is frenzied by thousands of tourists from all over the world, it also has a special story, and this shows it with its ancient amphitheater, which is the largest in Albania and why not even in the Balkans. It has great architectural and artistic values of the Pompeii and Capus period monuments in Italy.

Albania is a place to be explored.

Tradition, culture and art are other details that characterize this place. This place also has an ancient history, and this is confirmed by the places we can see closely, such as: old churches and monasteries, castles, towers because not even the amphitheater we have said before. Albania is now known by the world, Europe and in particular by the Italian people. Albania has promoted its tourism potential at the International Tourism Fair in “BIT MILAN 2016” (INTERNATIONAL BURSA OF TOURISM). We have to put the emphasis on the affinity between Albania and Italy. This is proved because we have too many things in common, such as traditions, the young age of the population, the culinary, the Italian language spoken by a large number of Albanians, the most air and sea lines, religious harmony etc…

As for the security of this place, we must be clear that things have changed 100% the last years. Albania is now part of NATO and we are adhering to European Union. Albania is a developing country with emigration and culture is growing and continues to consolidate. This was confirmed in the best way by PAPA FRANCESCO who said that Albania is a place with values, faith, generosity, traditions, hospitality and religious harmony. So Albania is really a place worth visiting.



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